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For 5 years, I worked as a Machine Designer, taking care of a lot of Project Manager responsibilities - holding AgilePM Fundation certification. I have a track record of finishing complex projects for international and local companies. While I primarily employed Waterflow management methods, I also regularly reaped the benefits of the Agile methodology. Now, I am actively seeking for a mentor and my first opportunity within IT branch as a Junior Project Manager or Junior Scrum Master (I am planning on obtaining the PSM 1 certification in the near future).

- I led projects start-to-finish: set goals and priorities, assessed and mitigated risks, managed and allocated resources, tracked progress and met deadlines, introduced improvements, oversaw the budget, reported, maintained documentation,
- managed communication and relationships within the team, organized and led meetings,
- managed communication with clients in English,
- used mostly Waterfall methodologies but applied some of Agile methodologies as well,
- managed teams of 5-6 people,
- took care of up to 6 projects at once.

“If you want to be successful, you need a couple years. You need to be bad, then you need to be good. Then when you’re good, you need to fail. Then when you fail, you’re going to figure it out."

Nikola Jokic



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